Registration & Payment

Observation is free!

All class observations are free – and encouraged – since seeing is believing, and can help students feel fully confident about their choice. There is no obligation, no pressure, and you will be very very welcome. Observation is any half (first or second) of a three-hour class. Again, please register below so that your visit is expected.



Securing a Place in an IELTS Course付訂金以確保名額

AIS is one (and the best!) IELTS teacher, operating in one studio, and at the cheapest hourly price. But AIS = one IELTS teacher =  one room, and the maximum class size is 12 students. Thus, courses can fill up quickly.

In order to secure your place on any course, you need to pay …

  • at least a 10% DEPOSIT in advance, (with the full amount being paid later – see below),


  • the FULL amount immediately, which is obviously time-saving for everyone (you and AIS), and thus preferred.

If, however, you are paying a deposit first within 10 days before the beginning of a course, then we ask you to pay the FULL amount instead, since you will have to pay this amount anyway within a few days, so (again) it is obviously time-saving for everyone (you and AIS) to simply make the full payment.


Payment for AIS IELTS courses can be made … 

  • directly to the AIS teacher,


  • by electronic transfer into a designated bank account [email for details, and always remember to attach your name to the transfer]. Again, this is obviously time-saving for everyone (you and AIS), and thus preferred.

Full payment needs to be received …

  • by the previous Wednesday of any Weekday Course,

  • by the previous Tuesday of a Weekend Course,

… but please note the green paragraph above.

Where to Go from Here

If you are interested in an IELTS courses, or watching half a class (totally free, and no obligation), please register by filling in the boxes below, indicating your wish in the ‘comment’ box, and you will be promptly emailed back.


This was drawn by 'Catgirl': a female student in one of my classes. Thank you Catgirl for your picture, which is now my logo.