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Idiomatic Vocabulary

This section gives some idiomatic vocabulary in English, as a blog, or list to which I regularly add. This vocabulary is also given (in more detail) in the page ‘Idiomatic Vocabulary’ (under the ‘Vocabulary’ Section). So, you have the same input twice, since both forms can be convenient. However, if you are accessing the information here, it is… Read More »

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Cultural Insights to Australia

Hello Everyone. In the ‘IELTS Vocabulary’ section, I mentioned seven rules to learning vocabulary. Rule 7 is by reading. And here is some light, easy, and interesting reading pieces – all about … the country shown below.   Yes, Australia. My country is huge, diverse, and has a fascinating history, which all means there are many insights I… Read More »

(48 of 50) CLT & TAIWAN: Summarising all the Signs

(48 of 50) MODERN LANGUAGE TEACHING (CLT) & TAIWAN: Summarising all the Signs   Well, I’m getting to the end of this long series – in fact, there are two concluding posts (49 and 50), but before that, I think it would be good to provide a summary of the previous series of posts about being fake/not-real and reasons for worrying about your teacher or school. This is a handy list which you can apply to any school or teacher of English/IELTS before you decide to give them your money. Check all the facts (hence the picture), and remember, ask for proof as well. Here are all the signs.   …

雅思考試一戰7分 (L 8.5分)

作者samfff (山姆先生) 看板IELTS 標題 [心得] 雅思一戰7分 (L 8.5分) 時間Wed Jul 4 13:23:19 2018 雅思一戰7.0 成績: L:8.5 S: 7.0 R: 6.5 W: 6.0 過去背景: TOEIC 925 補習: Andrew Weekday Courses (W&L 和 R&S都有上) 準備時間: 3-4週 (不包含補習的時候) …

雅思考試驚喜一戰overall 7

作者cindyann (背靠背的溫度) 看板IELTS 標題[心得] 驚喜一戰overall 7 時間Tue Jun 26 01:00:47 2018 感謝前輩提供資源與讀書方法 是時候來回饋惹 文長 以下為個人親身經驗分享 非業配 每個人情況不同 理性勿戰(?) 背景: 學測14 大四畢業多益裸考800 (聽力滿分) 國小到高中每星期都跟外籍老師接觸,習慣國外教學方式與外國人溝通 …