Your Next Step!

Hey, I’m Australian, and I think Australia is the best country to study in. Why? Well, compared to the UK, it’s …

  • prettier,
  • much cheaper
  • friendlier
  • closer
  • warmer in its weather
  • on a similar time-zone as Taiwan
  • and has quality education, at least as good as anywhere else, and often better (trust me!)

Still, you might want to go to other countries, such as the UK. Well, that’s your decision, but whatever country you want to study in, there’s certainly one place you should go to as your first step:   Jubilee Overseas Study Agency

… where you can get …

  • more IELTS information,
  • IELTS Test registration,
  • and help and information about studying abroad.

Jubilee is small, personal, and owned and run by a former student of mine who’s a great guy, and knows exactly what you think, feel, and need. Him and his team can really help you.

What are you waiting for. Contact them now, and tell them Teacher Andrew recommended you.