Feel free to contact the AIS  for more information about IELTS courses.

First Step

If you have enquiries, the best first contact is …

  • Line ID:  janicebihsiuhuang

.. where our Mandarin-speaking consultant (my wife) can explain everything. She has been dealing with customers for many years now, and knows all the details, and can give great advice.

Second Step

Once you know the details, and would like to observe a class, you can contact me, Teacher Andrew, to arrange this observation. I need your contact in order (later) to send the invitation to the Zoom Class.

Line ID:  teacherandrewais

When contacting me – Teacher Andrew – you must write in English, so that I (Teacher Andrew) can read and respond. Also, writing in English allows me to judge whether your level of English is good enough to make it worthwhile preparing for the IELTS Test.

Remember, if your English level is too low, it is better to just get better at English – for example, by doing my English Grammar & Vocabulary Course.

Another Step

You can also ring or email AIS, where our Mandarin-speaking consultant (my wife) can help.

  • 手機:        0926-067-454  (Monday to Friday, between midday to 8 pm; anytime on weekends)
  • 住家:        25788187  (contact time as above)
  • 信箱:        andrewsieltsstudio@gmail.com
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