A Conversation with Someone who disagrees (ix)

Let us continue (and finish) our imaginary conversation with that person who strongly disagrees with everything I have said. I will list the final comments, and give my answers. They are pointing at me now, and accusing me.

11th Comment

Why should anyone trust you? You just want money!

My Response

I admire your skepticism. Please show that skepticism with every IELTS Preparation teacher you encounter (and always ask to see their credentials!).

My answer to your comment is that I don’t just want your money. Money is actually my secondary consideration. My primary consideration is …

…. to help you !

Yes, I want you to succeed in life. I want you to achieve your goals, and achieve everything that you can. That’s what makes the world a better place. That’s why I did the Cambridge CELTA course, then flew to Bangkok and began teaching (for very little money, actually) – and spent a year there, sweating in the heat and humidity of Bangkapi (on the outskirts of Bangkok). That’s why I taught in Caracus, Venezuela (check it up), South Korea, and Australia (at Monash University’s English Language Centre). That’s why I kept studying the art of teaching English to foreign learners, and keep training myself, and spent eight years writing my IELTS books (which don’t make me much money at all!). That’s why I am working on my next book: IELTS Listening – a huge job, and it won’t make me much money at all (again). I do, and have done, all this in order to become a better teacher, provide better resource material for students, and help people.

The trouble is, I’ve met too many people who made the wrong choices, wasted their time and money, and have gotten nowhere with people who DON’T want to help them. That’s why I speak out here. And why should you trust me? Let me be a bit more systematic in my explanation (rather than just generally give thoughts, as in the previous paragraph). Here are eight reasons (and there are more). You should trust me because of …

  1. my credentials. [Please click on this word].

This is one of the most important reasons (hence it is given first). Remember, almost no teacher ever wants to show credentials. Ask yourself, “Why not? And also ask yourself, “Shouldn’t people care about this?

Would you go to a doctor who wasn’t really a doctor? What about a dentist? What if they were actually just people on the street just pretending to be doctors and dentistsIn Taiwan, anyone can pretend to be a teacher; anyone can pose as an expert – and many people do. The reason they can get away with this is that no one seems to care about credentials! It’s time to start caring about them, don’t you think?

You should also trust me because of …

  1. the proof I offer of my credentials. [Did you click on that word?]  Click again, HERE.
  1. my experience.
  1. my track record.

Check PTT, and read the feedback. Search for my name, and do all the research about me that you want. If you come to my classroom, I can show you a booklet full of testimonies from students from schools where I have taught in the past.

And in the next post, I’ll give another four reasons why you can trust me.

Now, check that you know the meaning of the underlined vocabulary (also repeated below).

  • skepticism (n)
  • credentials (n)
  • to pose as sth./sb. (v)
  • to get away with sth.
  • testimony (n)

If you want to find out more about me, go to aisielts.com .