A Conversation with Someone who disagrees (x)

Here, I will finish my answer to the 11th comment from those people who do not agree with me, who might say:

Why should anyone trust you? You just want money!

My Response

I admire your skepticism. Please show that skepticism with every IELTS Preparation (and always ask for their credentials!). As well as the four reasons in the previous post, you should also trust me because of …

5    my IELTS books.

There are six of them now, including two IELTS Test Practice Books, all written by one person, myself. Take a look at the books, and you will see they are the very opposite of all the ‘junk IELTS book’ out there. My books are full of content, with methods and systems, exercises and practice in a mixture of grammar, vocabulary, strategies, and IELTS test material. These books are obviously produced by someone who is an expert in his field, and spent a lot of time writing them [eight years, actually].

These books are published in Vietnam, and the Test Practice Books are distributed throughout South-East Asia and the Middle-East. I am currently working on the seventh (and final) book in my IELTS series: the IELTS Listening Book. After that, the whole set (7 books) will be published internationally.

These books are an absolute guarantee that I’m a dedicated professional, intend on helping others succeed in life.

You should also trust me because of …

6  my willingness to allow observation (showing I’ve got nothing to hide, and am fully confident that I should impress any intelligent and informed observers).

7  my website: aisielts.com

This website has grown to be a great resource for IELTS students, as well as a proof of all my claims and past history. (e.g click here). You should respect a teacher who actually provides proof of everything he says.

8  this pixnet blog.

This blog does not consist of empty boasts, meaningless guidelines, trivial gossip, false claims, and bad advice.

You will see that the blog is a solid and professional. It is a resource of IELTS and English practice material and advice, all designed to help you. You should realise that all the pixnet inputs took a lot of thought, preparation, and work to create, and show my experience and ongoing willingness to help you.

Only someone who is very professional would invest so much time in this.

Okay, now I’m at the half-way point of this series of 50 posts. I trust you’ve been interested enough to keep reading. Remember, reading and checking up the vocabulary at the end of eachpost is good for your English.

So, what happens in the next 25 posts? Well, it gets interesting. The next subject I will explore in depth is the ‘fake teacher’ syndrome. I promise you, if you care about your learning and your country, you need to read this.

Now, check that you know the meaning of the underlined vocabulary (also repeated below).

  • to distribute (v)
  • a guarantee (n)
  • to be confident (adj)
  • to boast (v)
  • to be trivial (adj)
  • to gossip (v)

If you want to find out more about me, go to aisielts.com .