Idiomatic Vocabulary 4: ‘Mr Right’

The PhrasesMr Right

  • Mr Right
  • Prince Charming

Its Definition

    A perfect partner.



This phrase is useful (for female candidates) because it can describe a perfectly compatible partner, and most IELTS candidates are single, and may well need to refer to such a person when talking about the future, ambitions, problems in life – in other words, typical IELTS speaking topics.


Example Sentences

In IELTS Speaking

  • “Oh, I went to a nightclub, but I quickly realised I wouldn’t find Mr Right in that sort of place.”
  • “Basically, all us girls are looking for our Prince Charming, but it never happens, does it?”

In IELTS Writing

  • Nightclubs exist, as do dating and match-making services, catering primarily to women seeking their ‘Mr Right’.
  • If we accept that women are innately different from men, then the very concept of ‘Mr Right’ may well be merely an illusion.