(42 of 50) CLT & Taiwan: 4th Sign about a ‘Teacher’ Which Should Make You Worried

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Six Signs Which Should Make You Worried About a ‘Teacher’: 4th Sign

So, let’s continue with the next sign which should make you worried.

Sign That You Should Be (Very) Worried 4

The teacher corrects IELTS Writing Assignments in class (and gets you writing in class)

This is just inexcusable! It should NEVER happen. Remember, I’m a teacher trainer, and anyone who did this in a training course would fail immediately and be told NEVER do this again. Here are three reasons.

  1. The teacher’s job is to correct outside of class. Class time is YOUR time, and you have paid for it. You are supposed to be learning in class, not sitting there waiting for something to happen.
  2. The correction would be sloppy, superficial, and bad!
  3. The correction would probably just be giving the answer to a few grammar, vocabulary, and structural mistakes. This correct doesn’t give you a chance to get involved with the grammar. [The CELTA method is to error-code the writing thoroughly, then give a planned and prepared feedback stage in class].

You as a student should never accept this! Correction should always be done carefully, thoroughly, and properly, at the teacher’s desk, and feedback is done in class. So, before you enter into any course, check the facts: ask about whether the correction is done in class. If it is, walk away.

Graded Correction? Huh?

On a related issues, some teachers charge for ‘special’ or ‘graded’ correction. In this system, you …

  • pay a price for ‘basic’ correction,
  • pay more for ‘better’ correction,
  • pay even more for ‘full/superior’ correction.

This also is a worrying sign – a very worrying sign. A good teacher corrects everything fully. A good teacher could never accept ‘basic’ correction, leaving many serious errors in grammar, word-choice, and structure uncorrected. The instinct of a real teacher is to correct; the instinct of a businessperson and a fraud is to extract as much money out of you as they can.

So, think carefully about paying for this ‘service’. The very fact that it is offered is a very worrying sign.

Writing in Class?

On another related issues, should the teacher make you write in class? Hmmm. It depends, but if the teacher is getting you to write whole IELTS Task Ones or Task Twos, you should complain immediately (or better still, ask for your money back).

Again, getting students to write in class is very time-consuming, and it must necessary mean that the teacher will correct your writing (in class) afterwards – which is more worrying.

In short, writing in class is something lazy teachers do to fill in hours of teaching time (which you are paying for, and almost certainly paying far far too much!). You need that time to work on grammar, vocabulary, structure, and skills-work (such as pairwork speaking)!

It’s a very worrying sign, wouldn’t you say?

We can move on to consider the 5thsign which should worry you, but I’ll do that in the next post.

Now, check that you know the meaning of the underlined vocabulary (also repeated below).

  • to be inexcusable (adj)
  • to be sloppy (adj)
  • to be superficial (adj)
  • a fraud (n)
  • to extract (v)

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