(50 of 50) CLT & TAIWAN: The Final Post of this Series!


(50 of 50) MODERN LANGUAGE TEACHING (CLT) & TAIWAN: The Final Post of this Series

Final Thoughts – and the end of this series!

Well, after 49 posts, I come to the very last of this series: this post, the 50th ! That’s a lot of posts, a lot of information, and a lot of knowledge for you to digest – with so many English phrases, and so much reading practice and vocabulary for you to learn, while at the same time making you a more informed and educated person, and thus a wiser consumer. So, what can I say to conclude all these thoughts? What about an example which just happened.

I just had a student who, after doing my courses, informed me that she got 6.5 for IELTS (6, 6, 6, 7) in her very first test. I was a bit surprised because she was quite weak, but she did both my IELTS Writing & Listening Course, and Reading & Speaking Course, and has told me that she studied very hard after finishing the course (carefully reading my IELTS books, and practising with my IELTS Test Practice Books).

This student is very happy, and is now applying to go abroad to continue her studies. She will achieve her goals, contribute to the world, and make it and herself better. And I helped it happen. Wow! Isn’t that a good thought? The future lies ahead for her, and it is one of promise and exploration (hence the picture at the top of this post).

Every one, think! Just think, and think positively. Think about the amazing world we live in, and think about how if you really want to enjoy it, your mind needs to be open, receptive, and always thinking.

When you are hurt or attacked by nasty and malicious people, think like the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurellius:

When people attack you, don’t think about how bad life is, but instead how lucky you are that you can show them how you will not give up or let them get you down.

Then, feel sorry for those people who have closed hearts, diminished spirits, twisted minds, and shrunken souls.

We have a brain – an amazing brain – and it is our blessing, and we must use it for good in this world, never bad. So, use that thinking mind in that way, and don’t be prey to self-serving and deceitful people who may be around you.

Always think and analyse. Never allow yourself to be tools and agents of bad people. Reject darkness, refuse nastiness, be repelled by dishonesty, and avoid the corruption of anyone who may be around you. By using your mind as it is meant to be used, you can rise above them, and the light which comes from you will shine on others.

The most beautiful people are positive people, those with open hearts and open minds who want others to also advance in this world. Be this sort of person!  Learn to shine with knowledge and learning and the joy of helping others, in whatever small way you can. That is what we are all in the world for, and that’s what can make it, and you, truly wonderful. Aim for that rainbow.

Good luck in the future.

Now, check that you know the meaning of the underlined vocabulary (also repeated below).

  • to digest (v)
  • to contribute (v)
  • to be receptive (adj)
  • to be malicious (adj)
  • to be diminished (adj)
  • to be twisted (adj)
  • to be shrunken (adj)
  • prey (n)
  • to repel (v) // to be repelled by [sth.]
  • corruption (n)

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