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Andrew’s English & IELTS Study

S T A F F  工作團隊

Andrew Guilfoyle, English & IELTS Preparation Teacher and IELTS Book Writer.

Janice Huang, Marketing Officer, Consultant


After having taught for decades, and having worked for other schools, some of whose approach I could not always agree with, and being unhappy with many of the teaching method I witnessed,  I decided, ultimately, that the only way to truly keep my intellectual integrity and genuinely help students in the way I wanted, was to independently form my own learning nexus, namely: this website, my IELTS books, my facebook [click on my name to get there], as well as a teaching room (which is part of 華龍文理補習班 – and I’m told that name does not translate very well into English, so I won’t try).
So, if you truly want to improve in the IELTS Test and in your use of the English language, then I invite you to use these resources.