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Andrew’s IELTS Study

S T A F F  工作團隊

Andrew Guilfoyle, IELTS Preparation Teacher and IELTS Book Writer.

Janice Huang, Marketing Officer, Consultant


After having taught for decades years, and having worked for other schools, some of whose approach I could not always agree with, and whose philosophies were not  in the students’ interest, and disagreeing with many of the teaching method I witnessed,  I decided, ultimately, that the only way to truly keep my intellectual integrity and genuinely help students in the way I wanted, was to independently form my own learning nexus, namely: this website, my IELTS books, my facebook [click on my name to get there], as well as a teaching room (which is part of 華龍文理補習班 – and I’m told that name does not translate very well into English, so I won’t try).
So, if you truly want to improve in the IELTS Test and in English, then I invite you to use these resources.