Philosophy About Life and Learning

Hello, my name is Andrew. You can call me teacher Andrew, Andrew teacher, or just Andrew. I’d like to begin by telling you my philosophy – the philosophy of why I became a teacher, why I wrote my IELTS books, and why I think I’m here on this Earth, which sounds very deep and meaningful, but I think I’m here on this earth to help people find a solution in life – to help take them forward towards those solutions.

This could mean helping students achieve IELTS 6.5 or higher, but it can be in other ways, such as in developing confidence, English skills, entering into universities, or reaching more personal ambitions. So, that’s why I wrote my IELTS books, that’s why I became a teacher, and that’s why I was determined to teach as many people as I can, as best as I can, as diligently as I can, because I want to take people forward.

However, as I say in my books, this is not an instant answer. You don’t suddenly learn. It’s a journey, and we begin on the journey, and you will travel with me, and along the way, you will learn, as I am learning – in fact, after 20 years, and I’m still learning about English, I’m still learning about people, and I’m still learning about IELTS. New ideas come every day, my PowerPoint programs constantly are made better, and continuous learning is the key.

The final point to realise is, it’s an amazing journey. And it’s an amazing world, and language is a vital and fascinating aspect of it. Language is how we communicate with other human beings. Language is how we express our deepest feelings and inner being. That’s an amazing thought – and we contribute our thinking in a varied and fascinating world.

So, share this attitude – the attitude that learning and improving is an absolutely amazing experience, engaging us with an absolutely amazing world, and travel along with me to help find those rewards and solutions in your life.

3. Beautiful Aussie farm

Here is a picture-perfect image of a farm in Victoria, Australia, taken by my brother. Click on the photo for an intricate view of a truly beauty part of this amazing world.

Australian Gorge

In contrast to the above picture, here is the wilder parts of my country, Australia. As above, click on this to see the lovely details and wondrous nuances of form that erosion has produced in this amazing and varied world we live in.