AIS Term 4 has now ended // Term 5 begins this week (starting Monday June 4th) // Get in quickly.

Hi everyone.

Well, Term 4 is now over, and here are the class photos.

IELTS Reading & Speaking. This finished on Thursday night, but two students didn’t turn up, and another wanted to take the photo. Do you like my beard?

IELTS Reading %26; Speaking, June 2018, Good Photo I.JPG

Now, here’s the IELTS Writing & Listening (afternoon) class.

IELTS Writing %26; Listening, afternoon, June 2018 Good Photo I.JPG

Do you like my shirt? No, it’s not a mistake. It’s meant to look look that. 

Finally, here’s the IELTS Writing & Listening (night) class. Again, a few students didn’t turn up at the very end, and one took the photo.

IELTS Writing %26; Listening, night, June 2018 Good Photo I.JPG

Well, Term 5 starts this coming Monday, and it all begins again. So, if you want a REAL teacher of IELTS, with REAL qualifications and REAL experience who REALLY knows about IELTS, contact us.

Just click here, or contact details.

Hope to see you in my class!