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IELTS Writing %26; Listening, night, June 2018 Good Photo I.JPG

Do you know that the girl standing next to me, on the right of the picture (although she looks a bit like a boy, doesn’t she?) got…

  • IELTS 8 for Speaking,
  • IELTS 9 for Reading,
  • IELTS 8.5 for Listening?

Okay, her IELTS Writing score was ‘only’ 6.5, but she told me afterward that she didn’t finish either writing task on time. Yes, slow writers will always struggle to get high scores, because underlength writing is immediately penalised. But what’s wrong with 6.5, right? And imagine the score she would have got if she had written faster. Wow. Underlength writing, and she STILL got 6.5. So, her writing was definitely good!

What really surprised me about her was the high IELTS speaking score, since she was a quiet and softly-spoken girl in class. But she did something few of my students do: studied very hard. She carefully went over every single word in my IELTS books, translating them when necessary. I noticed this in class – every page of the books covered in notes. In short, this student was diligent, committed, did all the homework, and attended every class, and followed my system. Obviously that REALLY helps.

So, try to be like her. That’s part of the key to getting that high IELTS mark. And on that subject, can I remind everyone that …. [and I’ll put it in Chinese to make it clearer] ….


思考看看自己有沒有意願參加接下來將於[Term 7] 8 月展開的一系列課程。快點加入吧! 


  • IELTS Writing & Listening  Course  (週一三五: 晚上7–10:15 pm) [開課 August 5th – September 6th]
  • IELTS Reading & Speaking Course  (週二四: 晚上7–10:15 pm) [開課 August 6th – September 5th],

And, if you join any of these courses, you get a … free IDP IELTS Test!

Here are the details.

只要同學報名7月14日開課的周日密集班或第七期平日全科班 ( 寫作聽力課程 or 閱讀口說課程 ) 就可以獲得一個IDP免費劍橋雅思模考名額。


這個由劍橋提供的雅思模考同學們在測試後會收到由劍橋寄出的作文成績,至於聽力和閱讀部分 劍橋會將你們的答對題數用簡訊通知。


You can book to observe a class [and this is FREE].

So, see you in my class – your first step to IELTS success, and hopefully, you too can be like that girl next to me in the picture at the top.

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