Another IELTS Course Ends (II) // Remember, it all starts again in late October

Good Photo 1, Weekend Class, ending T7, 2017.JPG

Hi all

Well, all my IELTS Preparation Courses are timing out now. My holiday begins tomorrow, so the last two IELTS courses finished today. This is the IELTS Sunday Intensive, whom I have been teaching for 3 months. I even have nicknames for many of these students. There’s Cute Little Bonnie, Tall Nancy, Big Guy, Zebra Cap, and others. Nice teaching you all, and good luck for the future.

Remember, the new courses all start around 30th October. Check the AIS Term 8 IELTS Preparation Courses for more information, and remember, you can line my wife during our holiday. She’ll answer at length, and guide you along the right choices for IELTS courses – but remember, there can be no class observation (obviously, since we are on holiday).

I look forward to seeing you in my next IELTS classes.