Another IELTS Course Ends (III) // Remember, it all starts again in late October // Just ‘line’ us for information

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Okay, the picture you see is the last class I taught before it all stops for my holiday. The picture is the IELTS Reading & Speaking (Weekend night class), and I taught the last class of this course last night. Now, it’s Monday, and I’m … freeeee…. well, free for a little while.

Yes, I’m taking a holiday, and AIS will be closed for 6 weeks, but I actually really enjoy teaching, so I look forward for Term 8, which begins on Monday 30th October. Click on Timetable for AIS Term 8 IELTS Preparation Courses (2017) to see the dates for this set of courses. Be warned: the Weekend Integrated IELTS Course is almost full, so don’t wait too long.

Remember, even though I’m on holiday, you can ‘line’ us for information, and my wife will explain in detail about the courses available, and the best option for you.

See you in my class, and good luck to all my students in these photos.