Another term (Term 2) has finished: but Term 3 begins today [& it’s FULL!]

Hi everyone

Here’s a photo of the IELTS Writing & Listening Class, and it all finished last Friday, and it was great teaching them all. The IELTS Reading & Speaking Course finished the day before. Good luck guys (and girls). I feel so good that I was able to help you in life.

But it all begins today, Monday 26th, with Term 3. I’ve got two IELTS Writing & Listening Courses (afternoon and night), and the IELTS Reading & Speaking Course (starting tomorrow night). Well, I’m sorry to see the last of the people in the photo (although some of them are in the new IELTS Reading & Speaking Course), but I’m always happy to meet new people, too.

People are all different, in appearance, personality, intelligence, and skill-levels, but they are always interesting, and I always love helping them. Both Writing & Listening Courses are FULL (!!!), so I’ll be meeting 24 people today, and we’ll be having a GREAT time in the classroom. There’ll be jokes, laughter, interaction, and self-discovery, and the PowerPoints I have been developing over the last 12 years will make it all clear and memorable.

Tomorrow night, I’ll meet another 12 people [yes, the Reading & Speaking Course is FULL, too!), and do it all again. It will be very hard work, particularly all the correction of the IELTS Writing Assignments, but I LOVE teaching. What I really love is the feeling of helping others. My wife and I have met so many students who were not helped at all, and that’s so sad. That’s why we are happy to be here: dedicated professionals, trained, qualified, experienced, and dedicated to helping you. That’s why I work so hard, that’s why I’ve invested 12 years of dedicated work into PowerPoints development, and over 20 years of work in writing IELTS books, studying TEFL theory, and developing practical skills in teaching. Because the better I can help people, the better I feel.

Well, Term 3 is full, so it’s too late to join, but there’s the … 

Sunday Integrated IELTS Skills Course

… beginning April 29th.

And there’s Term 4, beginning April 30th, with the …

IELTS Writing & Listening,

IELTS Reading & Speaking.

Hopefully I’ll see you in one of these IELTS course, right?

Good Photo I, Writing %26; Listening, March 2018.JPG