PowerPoint Teaching Slides

The above image shows the ‘Master Hyperlink Slide’ – which begins almost all of my lessons. Notice the A, B, and C in the middle, reserving specific slides for Course A, B, and C, so that repeating students – those who decide to do another course – receive different input.

The ‘buttons’ on this slide open all the other PowerPoint programs/slides (including the ones shown below), which can open others, then others, providing an amazing interconnected teaching resource. When you come to observe my class, you will see them in action. The teaching is totally directed by the most sophisticated, intricate, intensely programmed PowerPoint slides in the world, dedicated to one aim: preparing you better for the IELTS test.

On this page you can see examples of the main ‘PowerPoint Index Slides’, and others. These, and the PowerPoint programs/slides they connect to are the result of over 20 years of constant work: creating, updating, adding, improving, and refining. No time is wasted, and just a click on a button opens a specifically created teaching package, gently guiding you on the path towards IELTS success. To repeat, no one in the world has developed a resource as sophisticated as this.

Look at the following pictures, and remember that every button on every slide index slide opens another slide (with more buttons), ultimately leading to a teaching program, covering absolutely everything! Click on the photos for a closer look.


IELTS Writing Task One

The main slide of one (of the three) main Powerpoints for Writing Task One.

This is from one of the IELTS Writing, Task One Powerpoints, where I teach ‘change over time’ grammar.

This Task One slide looks at how ‘parameters’ of the Task One should be paraphrased in the body of the answer, which increases the IELTS Vocabulary score.

Examining diagrams (for IELTS Writing Task One).


IELTS Writing Task Two

This is the Master Slide for IELTS Task-Two writing.

Sometimes I give research, to encourage independent learning, and help begin the next lesson.

This is for the IELTS Writing Course, where I teach how NOT to repeat vocabulary.

For the IELTS Writing-Two Course, this slide shows the essay structure for Task Two.

One of the Error Code slides (allowing students to correct their writing [with my help, of course]).

IELTS Speaking

The is the Master Slide for IELTS Speaking (just one of several Powerpoints for speaking). I click on a button, and maybe another button, and go to the Powerpoint or slide which I need.

These are speaking cues to help with IELTS Speaking, but they are also linked to Writing Task One.

For the IELTS Speaking Course, this is the final practice slide for Tip 9, Divide into Sides.

For the IELTS Speaking, this slide shows how three of the speaking tips can be used together.

There is still grammar in the IELTS Speaking Course. Here, I look at adverbs of frequency.


IELTS Reading

This is the Main Slide for the main IELTS Reading Powerpoint.

The structure of paragraphs is taught here. Knowing this helps students read better.

This slide teaches vocabulary to prepare students for a reading.

For the IELTS Reading Course, this slide is used to teach and practise scanning – a VERY important reading skill.

The answers to an IELTS reading can be efficiently and clearly explained using slides such as these. I have one for EVERY reading I use in class.


IELTS Listening

This is the main slide for the IELTS Listening Powerpoint.

For IELTS Listening, sometimes the candidate has to label a map. This slide gives vocabulary and strategies for this.

Another practice slide for the IELTS Listening Course. After having taught pronunciation of numbers and data, students need to practise.

When checking the practice listening tests, difficult questions are highlighted and analysed.


IELTS Grammar, Speaking Practice, Vocabulary

This is the main slide for the IELTS Grammar Powerpoint – one of my most complex.

This is one slide from the IELTS Grammar Powerpoint, which has an amazing number of grammar points I can efficiently teach.

A grammar lesson, for the IELTS Speaking Course.

This slide develops the ability to talk in past tense (always a problem for students).

This teaches how to put prepositions at the end of questions – a very common sort of questions in the IELTS Speaking Test.



Here, the camels help ‘explain’ the grammar of conjunctions, which better helps students understand reading passages.

From a Reading Powerpoint.

And this is from another IELTS Reading slide.

There can be fun, too. This slide ends the IELTS Reading & Speaking course, when all the ‘co-teachers’ say goodbye.