Four IELTS Courses finished ! (Whew!) // Four more IELTS Courses now starting! Right Now!

Sunday Class, April 2018.JPG

IELTS Writing %26; Listening (afternoon), April 2018.JPG

IELTS Writing %26; Listening (night), April 2018.JPGIELTS Reading %26; Speaking, April 2018.JPG

Well, I haven’t put a new post on this blog for a while.  I’m still working through the ‘CLT and Taiwan: What you need to Know’ series on this blog. There’s 50 of them, and I’m still stuck in the mid 30s. But don’t worry; I’ll get there.

The reason for the delay is that I’ve been extremely busy with teaching, correction, and powerpoint update. Term 3 was totally full, so the correction was certainly a big task – especially since I correct very meticulously. Term 4 is now starting, and that’s more setting up. But what made me even more busy were all the issues with my publisher, as well. My IELTS Reading Book is selling out; and I’m working on updates and changes for the new print-run; and there’s my new IELTS Listening Book. So, there were meetings, and proofreading, and deadlines.

Well, now I say goodbye to four separate IELTS classes [see the four above photos], and today I started the first of the new courses: Sunday IELTS Integrated Skills. Tomorrow I start two more: IELTS Writing & Listening (afternoon) and (night) [MWF] and the day after, I start IELTS Reading & Speaking [T/Th].

There are still a few places left in all of these if you are interested. Just contact us, but be quick. If you miss out the first few classes, it is too late to make up classes; and you’ll have to wait to the new term (Term 5).

Hope to see you in my class.