Here are two free ‘IELTS’ Offers // It all starts this coming Sunday

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I was going to post the next in the ‘Concision’ Series which I have just started – the  ‘Let’s do ‘Concision’ Again, okay? (3 of 16)’, but then I thought I’d remind you all of two nice FREE ‘IELTS’ offers. And it starts this coming Sunday.

Free observation for the IELTS Intensive Sunday Course starting this coming Sunday!

(週日 9:30–5:15 pm)  [開課 July 14th – September 29th]

 7月14日星期日Andrew老師雅思課程免費試聽 ( 二擇一 )

試聽時間 ~ 7月14日9:30 am – 12:45 pm (Writing Task 2) 

報名方式 ~ E-mail 給師母告知你要試聽的技巧。

課程詳情請參考 Andrew 老師網站

只要同學報名7月14日開課的周日密集班或第七期平日全科班 ( 寫作聽力課程 or  閱讀口說課程 ) 就可以獲得一個IDP免費劍橋雅思模考名額。


這個由劍橋提供的雅思模考同學們在測試後會收到由劍橋寄出的作文成績,至於聽力和閱讀部分 劍橋會將你們的答對題數用簡訊通知。


What this means is that, this Sunday, you can come at 9.30 am, and observe the first lesson for free, and if you decide to stay (that is, join the course), you get the free IDP IELTS test as well.

Check for details, and I hope to see you there this coming Sunday, right?