Here’s some photos from the Term 5 IELTS Courses

Well, the AIS Term 5 IELTS Courses finished last week, so I thought (instead of the next ‘logic’ post) I’d give some photos. The Term 6 Courses started this week, and they are all FULL. Wow, I’ll be VERY busy with the correction, but I’m happy to help as many students as I can.

Think about Term 7 (starting August 14th) if you or your friends are interested in preparing for the IELTS Test with a REAL teacher, with REAL qualifications, REAL experience, and who REALLY teaches in accordance with a modern methodology, using REAL IELTS books, and producing REAL results.

Here’s the IELTS Reading & Speaking class.

Term 5 R%26;Sp II.JPG

Here’s the IELTS Writing & Listening (afternoon) class.

Term 5 W%26;L afternoon class II.JPG

Finally, here’s the IELTS Writing & Listening (night) class.

Term 5, W%26;L night class II.JPG

Hope to see you in my classes.