Hey, want to see the highest IELTS result yet: 8.5!

Charlie %26; Father I.JPG

Today a young man came in with his father to pay me a visit (with some gifts) to say thankyou. The young man is Charlie, one of my former students. Here are his IELTS results.

Listening 8.5

Reading 9

Writing 7.5

Speaking 8

Overall: 8.5

Wow! Maybe that’s the highest overall score yet from one of my students, and Charlie is only 17 years old! The good feeling for me was that Charlie’s father came to me because Charlie kept getting low IELTS Writing Scores (IELTS 6), despite going to an IELTS Preparation School in England. The father showed me some of Charlie’s IELTS essays, and I wasn’t convinced that it was written the right way. Charlie needed ‘Andrew lau-sher der shi-tong’. Well, I managed to get his IELTS Writing results up 7.5, and his Overall Score from 6.5 to 8.5, so that’s a really good feeling. With his other high scores, Charlie is going back to England to do a degree in Physics. So, maybe you are looking at a picture of the next Newton or Einstein. 

And I helped him get started. That’s why I became a teacher – to help people get ahead in life.

Maybe I can help you. See you in my class.