Idiomatic Vocabulary for IELTS (10 of 25): “Girls, is he your Mr Right?”

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Every language has phrases and sentences that cannot be understood by just knowing the individual words. This is known as idiomatic language, and it is a very important part of any language, including English, and is very useful for IELTS speaking. Here are two useful examples, which mean the same thing.

Mr Right

Prince Charming

These refer to a perfect partner, and are useful (for female candidates) because they can describe a perfectly compatible partner, and most IELTS candidates are single, and may well need to refer to such a person when talking about the future, ambitions, problems in life – in other words, typical IELTS speaking topics.

Here are some example sentences in IELTS Speaking.

“Oh, I went to a nightclub, but I quickly realised I wouldn’t find Mr Right in that sort of place.”

“Basically, all us girls are looking for our Prince Charming, but it never happens, does it?”

Here are some example sentences in IELTS Writing.

Nightclubs exist, as do dating and match-making services, catering primarily to women seeking their ‘Mr Right’.

If we accept that women are innately different from men, then the very concept of ‘Mr Right’ may well be merely an illusion.

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