Idiomatic Vocabulary for IELTS (14 of 25): “I definitely have a sweet tooth!”


Every language has phrases and sentences that cannot be understood by just knowing the individual words. This is known as idiomatic language, and it is a very important part of any language, including English, and is very useful for IELTS speaking. Here’s an example.

To have a sweet tooth

This means to like eating sweet and sugary food and drink, and is useful because it can describe almost everyone, and food is a common topic that can come into many conversations. We all either like, or don’t like, sweet food.

Here are some example sentences in IELTS Speaking.

“Oh, I definitely have a sweet tooth. I just love chocolate, cheesecake, and various snacks.”

“I really have a sweet tooth, just like my mother, but my father didn’t have one at all.”

Here are some example sentences in IELTS Writing.

Confectionary companies produce a multitude of products, catering to the ‘sweet tooth’ of modern consumers.

One of the common causes of obesity is undoubtedly the ‘sweet tooth’ possessed by many people.

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