IELTS Sunday Courses has finished // Here’s the photo // Everything finishing now, but AIS Term 4 starts this coming Sunday/Monday

Sunday Class, April 2018.JPG

Hi everyone

Sorry about the long delay in putting on a new post. AIS Term 3 had filled up, which meant 12+12+12+12+12 students, and each one with Writing Task Ones and Twos which needed correction most lessons. In addition, I have had to go to my publisher to discuss the new IELTS Listening Book, and work on that also.

Well, last weekend the IELTS Integrated Skills Sunday Course finished, and here’s the class photo. Tomorrow, the IELTS Reading & Speaking will finish, and on Friday so too will the IELTS Writing & Listening classes, so there’s a lot of photos coming in the next few days. It is my habit to put them on pixnet, so that you can see the real thing.

Good luck everyone (in the photo). It was great teaching you all, and let’s all hope for success in IELTS and in life.