Let’s do Collocation Again, Okay? (2 of 12)

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Let’s do Collocation Again, Okay? (2 of 12)

Collocation is the key to getting a higher IELTS Writing and Speaking score, but it is not easy. Students often do not collocate words very well (which is why they don’t receive IELTS 7 or 8). To have ‘a sense of collocation’ (= IELTS 7), you need to have some familiarity with English, and the words must fit together just like the pieces in the above picture. So, start reading all my pixnet posts, and getting this familiarity, right?

In the meantime, the following exercises will help.

Time to Practice

Can you ‘fix’ the following sentences by changing (or removing) the underlined word? There may be different ways to answer this. The answers will be in the next ‘collocation’ post.

  1. … yet people think different perspectives.
  1. Nuclear energy has the risk of an explosion.
  1. Teenagers need to avoid the peer pressure.
  1. A serious earthquake happened in Japan.
  1. Countries should not make nuclear energy.
  1. The police sometimes force people to admit to their crimes.
  1. This murderer was renowned for his brutal crime.
  1. Traditional shopping allows people to touch the texture of the goods.

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