New IELTS Listening Book // New IELTS Courses starting Monday 26th July

IELTS Listening by Andrew Guilfoyle.jfif

Hi everyone. Guess what? My latest IELTS book has just come out: IELTS Listening (see the above picture). It was really difficult to write, actually, because it required lots of recordings (unlike the other books).

Anyhow, with this book, I complete ALL the IELTS/English skills. Here’s a picture of all these IELTS books.

All IELTS Books.jpg

That’s SEVEN books in all – which is a huge intellectual effort. If you carefully read through all of these books, doing every exercise, then ….. well, your IELTS score would be amazing! However, it is obviously better to have me as the teacher, helping through these difficult skills. And on that subject ….

– the IELTS Writing/Listening Course starts Monday July 26 (MWF night).

-the IELTS Speaking Course starts Thursday 29th (every Thursday).

Contact me for details. Go to and click on ‘Contact/Registration’ Or just click here. Or you could line me directly, on 


Hope to see you in my class, but it’s online (using Zoom) for now. To tell the truth, I’m getting used to Zoom now, and the online classes have some advantages (such as you not needing to travel anywhere). Why don’t you register for a FREE observation, and see for yourself.