Next IELTS Courses [Term 5] beginning this Monday! // Why don’t you just observe? (and be like a cat below, okay?!)


Hello everyone.

The first question you may want to ask is … why is there a picture of a cat above?

Well, I like cats, okay? Also, that picture represents (to me at least) the focus, attention, and dedication which you need in order to get a high IELTS mark. Focus! Attention! Dedication! And get better! 

And on that subject, can I remind everyone that …. [and I’ll put it in Chinese to make it clearer] ….


思考看看自己有沒有意願參加接下來將於[Term 5] 6 月展開的一系列課程。快點加入吧! 


  • IELTS Writing & Listening Course [MWF]  (週一三五: 晚上7–10:15 pm) [開課 June 1st – July 3rd].
  • IELTS Reading & Speaking Course [MWF]  (週二四: 晚上7–10:15 pm) [開課 June 2nd – July 2nd].

Saturday IELTS Skills Course  (Sat: 晚上9.30 am –5:15 pm) [開課 June 6th – August 22nd].

So, that’s it. Oh, there’s one more thing.


Yes, you can book to observe a class any time [and this is FREE]. This includes the first class of all the above courses. So, why don’t you come along just to watch the first class, then you can make the decision to join later, right. Remember, as we say in English, seeing is believing.

By the way:

  1. we have very small classes,
  2. we have a big room,
  3. I disinfect the table tops every day,
  4. I take everyone’s temperature before class,
  5. Everyone must wash their hands before class.

… so don’t worry about Covid 19.

So, see you in my class this coming Monday – your first step to IELTS success, but you have to be like the cat in the picture at the top, okay?

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