Cultural Insight into Australia 19: Art (iii)

In the previous two ‘Cultural Insights’, we looked the paintings of Russel Drysdale. He painted the Australian outback in a sinister and uneasy way. Now, let’s look at probably the two most famous Australian paintings of all time, which see the world differently. The first was painted by an early Australian painter named Tom Robert (9 March 1856 –… Read More »

Cultural Insight Into Australia 18: Art (ii)

In the previous ‘Cultural Insight’, we looked at two painting from the 1940s. Here is another painting from the same artist – and it has the same themes. This work, painted in 1948, is called, ‘The Cricketers’ and has been described by the National Gallery of Australia as “one of the most original and haunting images in all Australian art.”… Read More »

Cultural Insight to Australia 17: Art (i)

Australia is well known for animals and beaches, but we have artists, too, as does all countries. Given the range of scenery available, perhaps we have more artists than other countries – although none of them have really achieved worldwide fame. The Australian ‘outback’ has always been one source of inspiration. My country struggled hard and long to… Read More »

Idiomatic Vocabulary

This section gives some idiomatic vocabulary in English, as a blog, or list to which I regularly add. This vocabulary is also given (in more detail) in the page ‘Idiomatic Vocabulary’ (under the ‘Vocabulary’ Section). So, you have the same input twice, since both forms can be convenient. However, if you are accessing the information here, it is… Read More »

Cultural Insights to Australia

Hello Everyone. In the ‘IELTS Vocabulary’ section, I mentioned seven rules to learning vocabulary. Rule 7 is by reading. And here is some light, easy, and interesting reading pieces – all about … the country shown below.   Yes, Australia. My country is huge, diverse, and has a fascinating history, which all means there are many insights I… Read More »

Cultural Insight to Australia 12: Coastal Erosion

Insight 12: Coastal Erosion There’s not much about culture here – but then there is something interesting and eye-catching. As mentioned before, Australia has lots of coastline, and with the constant forces of erosion (wind, rain, and waves), there are sometime very strange results. The two pictures are of  ‘Bird’s Nest Beach’ in Southern Victoria. Notice, there is, in… Read More »

Cultural Insight to Australia 10: Riverboats

Insight 10: Riverboats The history of white settlement of Australia is just over two hundred years – not that long, really, but still, there were a lot of interesting aspects and events, since Australia is was such a strange and interesting place. Bushrangers, exploration, gold rushes, cattle drives, aboriginal conflict, and the development of a new civilization in… Read More »

Cultural Insight to Australia 9: Birdlife

Insight 9: Bird Life Australia has lots of coast, lots of gardens, lots of trees, and consequently lots of ….. birds! Actually, the noise of all the birds very early every morning can drive one crazy. My little boy’s first words were ‘ya ya’, since the mother would always say in Chinese, ‘Listen to the birdies’ [“Ting ya-ya… Read More »

Cultural Insight to Australia 8: The Railway

Insight 8: The Railway In the early days, as with many new countries, Australia prided itself on developing a railway system. Cities linked with cities, which linked with smaller towns, and it grew bigger and bigger. So what went wrong? The motorcar! As cars and trucks grew increasingly more reliable, there were fewer passengers on the passenger trains,… Read More »

Cultural Insights to Australia 7: Mining

Insight 7: The Mining Industry Australia is sometimes called ‘the lucky country’. One reason for this is that it has great mineral wealth beneath its soils, and, historically, this has benefited Australia’s economy very much. Mining is still one of the primary industries, but the famous ‘gold rushes’ are long past, and many old ‘mining’ towns are now… Read More »