Sample Answer to real IELTS Writing Task One, June 29th, 2019

Just a little while ago (on Saturday June 29th), the following Task-One Question appeared in the real IELTS test.

This is a bar chart, but the design is unusual, and there is not a lot of information given (which might make this difficult for some). Also, there is no change over time (COT), and the trends are not that clear.

So, a difficult one, but we can just follow the system given in my Writing Task One book.

Here is the sample answer.


What follows is a summary of the outlook* young students in the UK have about the world in which they will live two decades from now, with respect to five key aspects* of life.

Generally speaking, the youth are pessimistic*, predicting a deterioration* in all aspects, apart from interpersonal communication (as technically advanced as it will certainly become). This somewhat bleak* perspective is most marked* in the natural environmental elements, and consequently personal health, which is closely affected by these.

Examining the three ingested* items: food, air, and water, opinion is equally divided over the predicted quality of the first, with only an insignificant majority seeing it worsen. It is in the second two aspects where the depression sets in*, with almost three quarters foreseeing the air they inhale* as becoming more noxious*, and a slightly smaller majority (60%) seeing the same sad decline in water.

As for the other two aspects of life, ‘communication with others’ is the lone* cause for optimism*, with almost 70% seeing a brighter future, whereas the quality of health (argubly the most important factor of all) faces the general glum* outlook, with well over half (60%) envisaging* a negative view in the future.

 [199 words]


Word Learning Time

Now, use your dictionary to find the meaning of all these words, then check how I used them in the sample answer.


1 outlook (n)
2 aspect (n)
3 pessimistic (adj)
4 deterioration (n)
5 bleak (adj)
6 marked (adj)
7 to ingest (v)
8 to set in (v)
9 to inhale (v)
10 noxious (adj)
11 lone (adj)
12 optimism (n)
13 glum (adj)
14 to envisage (v)


I hope all this helps, and good luck with the IELTS test.