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Andrew’s IELTS Courses Enrolling Now


天天提供免費試聽! FREE Observation, Anytime!

Just follow these two easy steps.

1 Line janicebihsiuhuang (our Chinese-speaking consultant, where everything can be discussed, explained, and worked out).

2 Line teacherandrewais (the teacher)

Together, we’ll arrange a FREE observation, and I’ll see you online, and then you can decide for yourself. 



*04月08日平日寫作聽力課程開課, 上課時間是每週一、三&五晚上7點到10點15分, 總共5週十五堂課。

*4月16日平日閱讀口說課程開課, 上課時間是每週二&四晚上7點到10點15分, 總共5週十堂課。


*04月27日文法字彙課程開課, 上課時間是每週六晚上6點30分到9點45分, 總共10週十堂課。

*4月20&21日週末(週六&日)聽說讀寫全科班開課 ( 週六下午的寫作課或者是週日晚上的閱讀、口說和聽力課可以分開來報名 ), 上課時間是每週六下午2點到5點15分 + 週日晚上6點30分到9點45分, 總共12個週六&日24堂課。。

Note: in the Saturday/Sunday Courses, the morning session is IELTS Writing; the afternoon session is IELTS Reading & Speaking, & Listening, and they can be done separately – that is, you can choose the morning OR the afternoon (one skill, two skills, or three).


Online IELTS Correction Service!

Click on the tab at the top of the page, or just click here: IELTS Correction Service for more details.

Yes, this is a new service, allowing me to help you using distance/online methods, by correcting written work, or conducting practice/mock IELTS speaking tests via skype.


Other Thing to Know



PS. 同學可以找朋友團報的課程如下 :

1. 平日寫作聽力課程。

2. 平日閱讀口說課程。

3. 假日班全科課程 ( 週六密集班或週日密集班 )

Note 1: 由於參加Andrew老師課程而認識的同學們無法一起團報喔!

Note 2: 同學揪朋友團報必須在課程開課之前報名才算數喔!

如果你希望你的 IELTS老師有下面這幾個特質,請跟我們聯絡

  • 最有經驗
  • 最有資格
  • 最專業
  • 最敬業
  • 準備最充份

如果需要更多資訊,請點  Courses  進入

如果想了解Andrew老師的資歷,請點About AIS’ – My Credentials 進入 

  • 澳洲墨爾本皇家理工學院教育學碩士
  • 擁有英國劍橋大學英語教學證書(CELTA, 1993)和文憑 (DELTA, 1998)
  • 擁有英國劍橋大學英語教師訓練資格(2005),臺灣唯一的教師訓練師
  • 1993年開始擔任英語教師,25年的雅思考試預備課程授課經驗任教過的國家有澳洲、委內瑞拉、泰國、韓國及臺灣
  • 曾任教於澳洲Monash大學語言中心與IELTS測驗研習中心
  • 出版6本雅思著作(Practical IELTS Strategies系列-說,讀,寫作一, 寫作二,模擬試題書一&二)
  • 另外著有A Saharan Jaunt,及Promise Me, Promise Me二本書



  • IELTS是一項REALLY困難的挑戰
  • Andrew老師REALLY認真在準備教學投影片(而且根據學生的學習反應每天更新)
  • Andrew老師REALLY樂意盡他所能幫助學生


More Information about Andrew

A Quick Overview About IELTS and Me (in Chinese!)

Some facts are VERY important – especially the credentials of the teacher – so this part is in Chinese, because you should ALWAYS check credentials of anyone who claims knowledge of IELTS.


IELTS 雅思國際英語測驗系統(The International English Language Testing System),是由劍橋大學英語考試院設計用來評估欲前往英語系國家求學、移民或工作者在聽 說、讀、寫四項全方位英語的溝通能力,與托福同樣為全球廣泛接受的英語測驗。Andrew資歷簡介 [1-6證明文件 – look at the top of this page, and click on ‘About AIS‘ then ‘My Credentials‘ where everything is proven.]

  • 澳洲墨爾本皇家理工學院教育學碩士
  • 擁有英國劍橋大學英語教學證書(CELTA, 1993)和文憑 (DELTA, 1998)
  • 擁有英國劍橋大學英語教師訓練資格(2005),臺灣唯一的教師訓練師
  • 1993年開始擔任英語教師,23年的雅思考試預備課程授課經驗任教過的國家有澳洲、委內瑞拉、泰國、韓國及臺灣
  • 曾任教於澳洲Monash大學語言中心與IELTS測驗研習中心
  • 出版5本雅思著作(Practical IELTS Strategies系列-說,讀,寫作一, 寫作二,模擬試題書一)
  • 另外著有A Saharan Jaunt,及Promise Me, Promise Me二本書

Andrew老師也曾經在長庚大學, 長庚技術學院和輔仁大學任教.

To contact us

Feel free to contact the AIS  for more information about IELTS courses.

First Step

If you have enquiries, the best first contact is …

  • Line ID:  janicebihsiuhuang

… where our Mandarin-speaking consultant (my wife) can explain everything. She has been dealing with customers for many years now, and knows all the details, and can give great advice.

Second Step

Once you know the details, and would like to observe a class, you can contact me, Teacher Andrew, to arrange this observation. I need your contact in order (later) to send the invitation to the Zoom Class.

  • Line ID:  teacherandrewais

When contacting me – Teacher Andrew – you must write in English, so that I (Teacher Andrew) can read and respond. Also, writing in English allows me to judge whether your level of English is good enough to make it worthwhile preparing for the IELTS Test.

Remember, if your English level is too low, it is better to just get better at English – for example, by doing my English Grammar & Vocabulary Course.

Another First Step

You can also ring or email AIS, where our Mandarin-speaking consultant (my wife) can help.

  • 手機:        0926-067-454  (Monday to Friday, between midday to 8 pm; anytime on weekends)

  • 住家:        25788187  (contact time as above)

  • 信箱:        andrewsieltsstudio@gmail.com

  • For the pixnetblog, you can scan the QR codes below.

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