Term 1 IELTS Courses starting this coming Monday (6th)! // Come along and observe!

IELTS Writing %26; Listening, night, June 2018 Good Photo I.JPG

Do you know that the girl standing next to me, on the right of the picture (although she looks a bit like a boy, doesn’t she?) got…

  • IELTS 8 for Speaking,
  • IELTS 9 for Reading,
  • IELTS 8.5 for Listening?

Okay, her IELTS Writing score was ‘only’ 6.5, but she told me afterward that she didn’t finish either writing task on time. Yes, slow writers will always struggle to get high scores, because underlength writing is immediately penalised. But what’s wrong with 6.5, right? And think about the score she would have got if she had written faster. Wow! Her writing was underlength, and she STILL got 6.5. This means that her writing was definitely good!

What really surprised me about her was the high IELTS speaking score, since she was a quiet and softly-spoken girl in class. But she did something few of my students do: studied very hard. She carefully went over every single word in my IELTS books, translating them when necessary. I noticed this in class – every page of the books covered in notes. In short, this student was diligent, committed, did all the homework, and attended every class, and followed my system. Obviously that REALLY helps.

So, there are two points to learn.

  • Try to be like her.
  • Join my IELTS courses.

That’s the key to getting that high IELTS mark. And on that subject, can I remind everyone that …. [and I’ll put it in Chinese to make it clearer] ….


思考看看自己有沒有意願參加接下來將於[Term 1] 1 月展開的一系列課程。快點加入吧! 


  • IELTS Writing & Listening  Course  (週一三五: 晚上7–10:15 pm) [開課 January 6th – February 14th]
  • IELTS Reading & Speaking Course  (週二四: 晚上7–10:15 pm) [開課 January 7th – February 13th].

So, that’s it. Oh, there’s one more thing.


Yes, you can book to observe a class any time [and this is FREE]. This includes the first class of all the above courses. So, why don’t you come along just to watch the first class, then you can make the decision to join later, right. Remember, as we say in English, seeing is believing.

So, see you in my class this coming Monday – your first step to IELTS success, and you too can be like that girl next to me in the picture at the top.

Click on www.aisielts.com for more details, or go to the Contacts page.