Two IELTS Classes finish // Already thinking about the next ones (after my holiday)

Wow! Term 7 is finishing, and all the IELTS Preparation Classes are coming to an end. Yesterday (Friday), the two IELTS Writing & Listening Courses finished. The top photo is the afternoon class; the bottom is the night class. And this Sunday, another two will finish. It’s sad in a way, after getting to know these students so well. One of the students in the bottom photo we called ‘Sandy Squirrel’. She did two Wiriting & Listening courses. Can you guess which one is her?

Well, I still have the weekend classes to teach, and then I’m taking a holiday, and AIS will be closed for 6 weeks. Term 8 begins on Monday 30th October. Click on Timetable for AIS Term 8 IELTS Preparation Courses (2017) to see the dates for the next set of courses. They Weekend Integrated IELTS Courses is already beginning to fill up.

See you in my class, and good luck to all my students in these photos.

Good Photo 1, Writing %26; Listening (afternoon), Term 7, 2017.JPG

Good Photo 1, Writing %26; Listening (night), Term 7, 2017.JPG