What normal person does this? [Losing the plot.]

About 10 days ago, I began one of these posts with the comment, ‘Watching the above video, you might decide that America as a country has totally lost the plot.’

Hmmm. I think I need to use that comment again. Let’s analyse this video above. I want you to ask yourself the following 10 questions.

  1. Do you think this man (with the camera) really cares about racial equality?
  2. Do you think the woman does?
  3. What does the man care about?
  4. Does the man make clear his political views?
  5. Should the woman have bowed down?
  6. Is any apology meaningful if it is forced?
  7. What does the man actually want?
  8. Do you think his actions improve anything?
  9. How do you feel about these people involved?
  10. Is this video real, or was it staged?

The man with the camera appears to be white [we only see his hand, and only at the beginning]. It is interesting that in the comments section to this video (which I dowloaded from youtube), people unanimously reveal a total disgust at what they see, regarding it as actually anti-white racism of the worst sort. Some of these comments come from people claiming to be black, stating the obvious fact: that this is not what they want or expect white people to do.

Let me answer the questions as I see it.

[Question 10]: The video seems real enough to me, but [1] the man doesn’t care about anything except himself. [2] The woman is merely doing what is required to avoid a confrontation. [3] The man is showing narcissism, and only cares about signalling his virtue. [4] He admits he is an enemy to the current president, Donald Trump, indicating he has a strong political motive. [5] The woman should never have bowed, but … see [2]. [6] The apology is meaningless. [7] The man wants to exercise power over others, and can safely hide in the apparent virtue of what he is doing. [8] His actions do not improve anything; they only breed resentment and disgust. [9] I feel what almost everyone (of whatever skin colour) mentioned in the comments section to this video: a cringing distaste for both participants: to the man, for such a vulgar act of street intimation, and to the woman, for lowering herself in this way.

Ask yourself one last question: what normal person confronts a stranger on the street with a camera, and demands that this person bow and apologise for their skin colour/’white priviledge’? Think again about that ‘losing the plot’ opening to this post.

Here are some of the words used in this post.

  • to lose the plot
  • unanimous
  • disgust
  • virtue
  • narcissism
  • apparent
  • resentment
  • to be vulgar
  • to cringe
  • intimidation
  • to confront