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Hello, my name is Teacher Andrew, and I’d like to welcome you to my IELTS and English website (and I’ve even included some relaxing music to help you think better [just click above]).

你好, 我的名字叫安德魯, 歡迎光臨我的雅思英文網站

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As for this website you are looking at, you can know more about me by clicking ‘About Me’. Right now, I can tell you that I’ve worked for many years in Taiwan, and in that time actually helped establish many other IELTS preparation schools here in Taipei.

你可以在這個網站的 ‘關於我’ 對我有更深入的了解, 這裡我可以簡單的告訴你, 我已經在台灣工作很多年, 而且在台北幫助成立過很多雅思補習班

Giving an IELTS Seminar to the public a few years back.

Giving an IELTS Seminar to the public a few years back.

I’ve also written six IELTS books, and taught all IELTS skills using ‘my system’. This is a system developed over 20 years, and produces good results; and many schools, websites, and self-proclaimed experts are now using these ideas of mine. I even heard someone explaining some of them on the radio!

我是[雅思實用策略]系列書的作者, 而且我用我的系統教所有的雅思技巧, 這個系統是我花了二十幾年的時間研發出來的, 成效卓越, 現在很多補習班, 網站和所謂的名師都使用我的系統, 我甚至曾在收音機上聽到過

I could feel flattered by this; however, the advice, information, and approach, is often misunderstood, misapplied, misused, and overused – and that’s the problem. So please, explore this website, and explore the true way to use my ideas, given by its actual author, in the way that will truly help you in English and the IELTS test.

Nice hand-made promotional poster for my IELTS seminar at Shin-Bei High School.

Nice hand-made promotional poster for my IELTS seminar at Shin-Bei High School.

我覺得受寵若驚, 但是我的建議, 資料和方法常被誤解和誤用, 所以請你用心探索我的網站, 找出用我的系統的正確方式, 如此一來這個系統定能幫助你學好英文而且拿到雅思高分

One final word. Notice that this ‘welcome message’ is in English (with a little Chinese to guide you) (as are my IELTS books). Yes, if you want to achieve well in an English language test, you need to begin practising reading English for real. A preparation source written mostly in Chinese is immediately dubious.  Now, look up ‘dubious’ in your dictionary, or click here (taking you to the Vocabulary Section: ‘Less-Common Words, Item 8) – and by doing this you have learnt a word – a very good and useful word for the IELTS test.

結語: 你注意到我的 ‘歡迎訊息’ 是用英文寫的(就和我的雅思系列書一樣), 是的, 如果你想在任何英語測驗中拿到好成績, 你就必須練習閱讀英文, 看中譯的語言學習書是不可能將語言學好的, 現在請打開你的字典查 ‘dubious’ 或按這裡…

There, that’s the beginning. You have learnt something – through my help and this website, because this website is in English.

Doing an IELTS Seminar at Feng-Chia University (2018)


There’s the beginning! Now KEEP GOING! As I say at the start of all my IELTS books, ‘This is how you ‘pass’ the IELTS test.

So, let us then begin together on this road.’





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Click on these photos to see (1) how many corrected IELTS writings this student has, and (2) how thoroughly it is corrected.


This client has six Task Ones ….








This is just ONE of the corrected IELTS writing answers (a Task Two). My correction is in red, with the client having to learn from this, writing in blue.

To repeat, all the writings are meticulously corrected.


Answers to the Reading Passages can be efficiently given, and analysed.

A speaking/vocabulary Powerpoint, on a very IELTSy topic.