Sample IELTS W1 Answer June 22nd bar chart alone xxxx

Sample Answer to IELTS Writing Task One (Dissertation Bar Chart) from IELTS Test on Saturday 22nd June, 2019

On Saturday June 22nd 2019, the Task-One Question shown above appeared in the real IELTS test.

Let’s analyse it. It is a bar chart, but we have change over time (COT). COT is, in fact, a common feature of Writing Task One.

The sample answer given below follows the system in my Writing Task One book.

Here is the sample answer.


The following summarises how the submission of PHD dissertations fluctuated at a UK university, from 1990 to 2010.

Overall, in all years, the overwhelming majority of these tertiary* students (commendably* and somewhat predictably*) submitted their final papers in timely fashion. In addition, as the years passed, deadlines were more rigorously* adhered* to, with increased numbers of works (albeit*, sometimes received late) inundating* the respective professors’ desks, as well as fewer students reneging* on this onerous* academic requirement.

Considering the numbers of submitted works (late or otherwise), those who finished on time began at 15. This rate rose impressively over the next two decades, finishing at 30, the highest overall by far. Late submissions similarly increased, from three to 10, at all times being about one third of the ‘on time’ number.

As for the less auspicious* ‘failure to submit’ and ‘re-write’, the first (and most serious academic transgression*) began at 10, which was a significant (and arguably* worrying) two thirds of the ‘on time’ submissions. However, by the end of the period in question, this failure rate had fallen to six (which is minor when compared to the 40 submission). At the same time, ‘re-write’ merely fluctuated at around a very low four.

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Word Learning Time

Now, use your dictionary to find the meaning of all these words, then check how I used them in the sample answer.


1 tertiary (adj)
2 commendably (adv)
3 predictably (adv)
4 rigorous (adj)
5 to adhere (v)
6 albeit (conj.)
7 to inundate (v)
8 to renege (v)
9 onerous (adj)
10 auspicious (adj)
11 transgression (n)
12 arguably (adv)


I hope all this helps, and good luck with the IELTS test.