Contact 聯絡方式

Feel free to contact the AIS bi-lingual (English & Mandarin) consultant, Janice, for more information about IELTS courses, and how to register for them. The contact details are as follows.

  • Line ID:  janicebihsiuhuang   [Scan the QR code below.]

  • 手機:        0926-067-454  (Monday to Friday, between midday to 8 pm; anytime on weekends)

  • 住家:        25788187  (contact time as above)

  • 信箱:

  • For the pixnetblog and facebook page, you can scan the QR codes below.

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You can email AIS.  The AIS bi-lingual (English & Chinese) consultant, Janice, will answer all your questions regarding AIS IELTS Preparation Courses, including how to register for them.