IELTS Correction Service

Hi All

Example of corrected IELTS Task One (page 2) using the IELTS Correction Service

To students who have already done my IELTS Writing course (or who feel they are already very good and well prepared for the IELTS test), I do offer an IELTS Correction Service, where I bring all my skills conveniently to your computer through …

  1. online correction of IELTS Writings (Task One & Two),
  2. practice IELTS Speaking Tests (via line), with feedback.


So, all you have to do is …

  1. email me, explaining what you want.
  2. wait for my reply, when I’ll explain everything,
  3. sends the funds to the bank account I will give,
  4. wait for my email, attaching the writing tasks, and/or arranging the Line IELTS Mock Speaking Test.

Examples of the writing feedback can be seen at the top, the side, and below.

Why don’t you click on them to see how I correct. [Note: this student had already done my IELTS course, and had my IELTS books, so I could add references (e.g. page numbers) to the books, and make the error codes shorter e.g. ‘sp’ for ‘spelling’, and use some classroom phrases (e.g ‘forest’ and ‘trees’ in the Task One).

You will see that I correct in a manner which is MUCH better than others – after all, I have a lot of experience, right?

So, give me an email, get started, and let me help you achieve your goals. To repeat, click on the links below to see more examples of the correction.

Example Corrected Task One (Nutritional Intake), Page 1

Example Corrected Task One (Nutritional Intake), Page 2

Example Corrected Essay (Gun Possession), Page 1

Example Corrected Essay (Gun Possession), Page 2