(48 of 50) CLT & TAIWAN: Summarising all the Signs

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(48 of 50) MODERN LANGUAGE TEACHING (CLT) & TAIWAN: Summarising all the Signs

Well, I’m getting to the end of this long series – in fact, there are two concluding posts (49 and 50), but before that, I think it would be good to provide a summary of the previous series of posts about being fake/not-real and reasons for worrying about your teacher or school. This is a handy list which you can apply to any school or teacher of English/IELTS before you decide to give them your money. Check all the facts (hence the picture), and remember, ask for proof as well. Here are all the signs.

The Six Signs of Being Fake/Not-real

  1. The teacher speaks (and ‘explains’) mostly in Chinese.
  2. The teacher uses memorisation, or use books and material that do this.
  3. The teacher/school makes claims of ‘guaranteed scores’.
  4. The teacher talks and ‘explains’ all the time in class.
  5. The teacher/school advertises that “You only talk to the teacher”.
  6. There is the impossible claim that “I can predict the answers in the IELTS test.”

The Six Signs Which Should Make You (Very) Worried

  1. The school or teacher does not allow observation.
  2. The school or teacher only uses a whiteboard.
  3. The IELTS course is short (or very short).
  4. The teacher corrects IELTS Writing Assignments in class (and makes you write in class).
  5. The teacher shows no TEFL qualifications, or no proof of TEFL qualifications (or just claims, “I got IELTS 9 in the IELTS Test’).
  6. The teacher says he is a ‘former’ IELTS examiner.

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So, Be Careful!

Remember, there are teachers of IELTS out there, whether independent or with schools, who show all six signs of being fake/not-real at the same time! They also show most of the signs which should make you worried. You need to walk carefully among all the snakes (hence the picture). It is so sad that such people can convince you to give them so much money. The fact that it is so easy for people to pretend they are teachers easily explains why more of them are appearing. They can do something requiring so little effort which makes them so much money. It is their students who suffer, and many of them don’t even realise this. You need to follow the three rules I mention on my website.

  1. Be Critical!
  2. Be Skeptical!
  3. Demand Proof.

The next post will begin the first (of two) final entries, containing the final thoughts about everything I have been carefully trying to explain in this long series of posts.

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