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22 of 50 modern language teaching clt taiwan what you need to know about it a conversation with someone who disagrees vii

This person doesn’t look happy, right? They might even be saying, “You have no right to give your views on a blog.”

A Conversation with Someone who Disagrees (vii)

Let us continue our imaginary conversation with that person who strongly disagrees with everything I have said. They are like the picture above, and they certainly don’t look happy, right? I will list their comments, and give my answers.

Their 8th Comment

I don’t care what you say. A Chinese-speaking teacher can explain everything to me, and understands me better. We share the same culture, and I definitely need someone to explain everything to me.

My Response

     I think I answered this comment in the 13thand 14thpost of this series. Go back and read them again.

Their 9th Comment

You have no right to give your views on a blog.

My Response

Are you serious? [And yes, unbelievably, people have attacked me for this for real, saying those very words; ‘You have no right to give your views on a blog!’]

Maybe this is cultural – it is something a western person NEVER EVER would say. The comment goes right to the heart of freedom of speech, civil rights, and democracy. [Have you heard of them?] It’s absolutely amazing to me that people will actually say these words, and I’ll repeat them: ‘You have no rights to give your views.’ Those people would love Adolf Hitler, too. They wouldn’t like Martin Luther, and would probably be cheering as Jesus was crucified. We can’t allow trouble-makers like that to upset the apple-cart, right? Get rid of them quickly!

But, on the good side, the people who said these comments were definitely … hmmm … well, let’s just say, they were the sort of people who made me put that picture at the top of this page.

Anyhow, about the ‘no right to give your views’ comment, do I really have to explain? Well, here goes. People have blogs in order to give their views. That’s the point of a blog. You have the same rights on your blog. Only by giving views can people learn. Only by listening can they rise out of ignorance and unknowingness. When other people start attacking and suppressing free opinion, it gets VERY dangerous. It can lead to an environment full of lies and propaganda, run by businesspeople, money-makers, and self-interested groups. If no one can judge at all, then anybody can do anything. Telling someone not to intelligently judge and not to make comments is the same as telling someone not to think! This is what bad people from the teaching industry want you to be like: someone who doesn’t think. Having students who don’t think, don’t judge, and blindly believe is perfect for them. That’s how they are making so much money. However, it is not perfect for you!

Nothing gets better, and no one learns, unless people judge, assess, think, and above all, speak! It is VERY important to allow free speech. It is the most fundamental element of social progress, and democracyAllow free speech! Embrace free speech! Be very happy that it can happen! But also judge what you hear very carefully; think about the motivation of those saying it, and check their credentials, sources, and background, and try to work out ulterior motives. As my website says [click this link], follow the three rules: be skeptical, critical, and demand proof. But allow people to speak, right?

Maybe you could also admire my courage for speaking out against the bad practices, dishonesty, and corruption in the bushiban industry. Remember, if no one speaks out, nothing will ever change, right?

We will look at another (critical) comment in the next post.

Now, check that you know the meaning of the underlined vocabulary (also repeated below).

  • to crucify (v)
  • to upset the apple cart (v – idiomatic)
  • ignorance (n)
  • to suppress (v)
  • propaganda (n)
  • to be fundamental (adj)
  • ulterior (adj)

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22 of 50 modern language teaching clt taiwan what you need to know about it a conversation with someone who disagrees vii