Back to Collocation. Yes, again! (3 of 6)


Hi everyone.

    Well, it’s back to collocation. Collocation, or more specifically, bad collocation, is one reason people cannot achieve IELTS 7 or 8. It’s certainly something to work on. Here is the next set of sentences for you to look at.

Time to Practice

Can you ‘fix’ the following sentences by changing (or removing) the coloured word? There may be different ways to answer this. The answers will be in the next collocation post.

  1. The sunshine is very serious on higher mountains.
  2. The two cars crushed into each other.
  3. Mountain climbers admit to the risk.
  4. The public do the highest contribution.
  5. The river water was rushed.
  6. Everyone does some mistakes.
  7. Museums have significant masterpieces.
  8. Museums offer extracurricular teaching.

Answers to Collocation 2 of 6

  1. We can warn about the health risk of cigarettes. .  [‘Promote’ is for positive things.]
  2. Compulsory military service can strengthen the military.
  3. Some criminals commit serious crimes.
  4. This will prevent them from making the wrong decision.
  5. It is their right to do it.
  6. This disease could affect their health. [‘Influence’ is for positive things.]
  7. They want to make/give an apology.
  8. Children can use water pistols to have fun.