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Cultural Insight to Australia 3: Farmland

Insight 3: Farmland

Australia is certainly a big country, and has lots of fertile land. This means that it is an agricultural country. Agriculture – that is, growing crops or raising animals – has, historically, always been one of the major industries. Last year I drove from Brisbane to Melbourne – a huge distance – and I was struck by just how much farmland there was. It seemed endless. Cows, sheep, horses, and crops (pineapples, sugar cane, vegetables, cotton, and others). Much of this is exported. Here in Taiwan, you probably eat Australian cheese, Australian beef, and wear Australian wool.


Is this good or bad? Hmmmm. Australia is generally much more expensive than Taiwan, but the milk, meat, and chicken is by far cheaper. Milk is only $25 NT/litre. You can drink it like water. Whole roast chickens are only $200 NT. And it all tastes great. However, some complain at how expensive the electronic goods are, and how primitive the technology is (compared to Taiwan). And it can be seen as too rural, as well. To me, it is peaceful and beautiful. To others, dusty and boring.


There’s good and bad in everything. I have included a photo of a beautiful (or dusty and boring) farm sent to me by my brother. It looks picture perfect, right, but would you really want to live there?