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Okay, here’s me with a beautiful female student [Will that make you read this?]


Last night, I put the first of the ‘Logical thinking in IELTS Writing Task 2’, and it seems no one has read it. Hmmmmm. Actually, everyone seems to read my wife’s occasional entries, written in Chinese. Well, my wife is an English teacher, has studied English (like you all), and has been involved alongside me with IELTS for almost 20 years, and she knows what helps you learn, and what doesn’t, and also knows the tricks and traps of all the bad teachers out there. So, she writes some very solid advice which you should definitely be reading … but …. how about reading some of my posts? Remember, they are written in English, and they are designed to help you. Are all you guys just avoiding reading in English?

Here’s an experiment. This post is in English, but the subject includes the words , ‘Beautiful female students’, so let’s see if that makes anyone read this.