Introduction (ii)

In the previous post, I was saying how smarter people, those who do the research, will be more successful in life, and here, we are talking about YOUR FUTURE. And you are risking your future by going to bad schools and bad teachers.

So, in the next 39 posts I will outline, piece by piece, exactly what you need to know about the teaching situation here in Taiwan, and about the teaching of IELTS and English, about the signs which should make you worried, and what you should look out for.

You are advised to read each post VERY carefully, and think VERY carefully about the message, and the decisions you take about what teacher and what school you go to when preparing for IELTS.

Of course, it will also help your English reading skills, and improve your vocabulary, especially if you check the underlined words in your dictionary, as advised at the end of each post. To repeat, this is a long, thoughtful, and intelligent series of posts which can help you with your English development, and your life. You should take this seriously.

Here is the structure of the next 38 posts.

Posts 3 – 5               The Historical Background (of Teaching Language)

Posts 6 – 11             The Principles of Modern Language Teaching

Posts 12 – 15           Some Reflections on This

Posts 16 – 25           A Conversation of Someone who (Strongly) Disagrees

Posts 26                    Final Thoughts about This

Posts 27 – 30           Five Signs of a Fake Teacher

Posts 31 – 34           Six Signs Which Should Make You Worried

Posts 35 – 36           How to Use these Signs

Posts 37 – 38           Analysing a Fake Teacher

Posts 39 – 40           Conclusion and Final Thoughts

It all starts with the next post.

Make sure you read it. Your future may depend on it.

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