Answer to ‘Logical Writing in IELT (10 of 10)’ // Last post in this ‘logic’ series


Last Post of the ‘Logic’ Series

Answers to Logic 10 of 10

Here are the answers to the previous post.

I will give the original illogical sentence, then my comments.

  1.  Water changes from vapour to liquid by the melting of the snow.

Hmmmm. The melting of snow would not show a change from vapour to liquid, but actually solid (ice) to liquid.

  1. This would help decrease the population of smoking.

How can ‘smoking’ have a population? The student should write ‘…population of smokers’. However, it does sound strange, thus, ‘number of smokers’ is far more natural. You could also write, ‘amount of smoking’.

  1. Smoking may be regarded as a relief from the stress of life.

The ‘may be regarded’ doesn’t make sense. To a smoker, smoking is a relief from the stress of life. It is a fact. Smokers don’t regard it that way; it is that way (to them). The sentence should be written,

‘Smoking provides relief from the stress of life.’

  1. The world is more competitive than traditional generation.

Let’s rewrite this sentence. ‘Apples are better than traditional people’. Doesn’t make sense, does it? We need to compare fruit with fruit, people with people, and the world now with the world in the past. The sentence could be rewritten:

‘The world is more competitive now than it was for the previous generation.’

Or simply and much more concisely,

‘The world is more competitive today.’

Okay, that ends the ‘logic posts’ for now, but I just mentioned the word ‘concisely’. Hmmm, why don’t I look at this in the next series of posts.

answer to logical writing in ielt 10 of 10 last post in this logic series