Answer to ‘Logical Writing in IELTS Writing Task Two (10 of 10)’


Here are the answers to the final Logic Post.

Answers to Logic (10 of 10)

1 The trouble here is that ‘developed’ and ‘developing’ countries is the same as every single country in the world. So, the problem is in all countries, right?

2 Is there any logic here? If a nation develops, does the living cost increase? Not necessarily. And where is the living cost? In the developing nations, or somewhere else? The student should simply write, ‘The living cost nowadays has been increasing.’

3 Again, is there any logic here. Nuclear energy is efficient, or not inefficient. This is not related to the energy shortage the world is facing. The student is probably thinking, The world is facing an energy shortage. Therefore, nuclear energy has become more desirable.

4 Actually, there is only one type of electricity. The student should write ‘electrical power generation’.

5 Is this logical? I would say that no matter what the price of cigarettes, people will still smoke. Everyone is prepared to pay for their pleasure, right?

Well, everyone, that concludes the ‘logic’ posts. I hope this has helped. I’ll be putting more logic posts on at some stage in the future, along with collocation and grammar, all to help you with the IELTS mark. And there may be more consumer advice, too.

answer to logical writing in ielts writing task two 10 of 10