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By | December 23, 2019

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Final Post of this Collocation Series

Well, we come to the end of another series of ‘collocation’ posts. All I have to do is give the answers to 12 of 12, and it’s done.

Well, here are those answers, and remember, you can learn more about me at . If you click here, then go to Courses, then go to …Timetable for the Term 1 & 2 IELTS Courses, you will see that everything will start again this coming January, with the new IELTS courses beginning on Monday 6th. See you there.

Anyhow, here are those answers.

Answers to Collocation 12 of 12


This makes a big impact on students lives.

This has a big impact on students’ lives.


The power of guns is vital.

The power of guns is enormous.


People want to escape the patterns of everyday life

People want to escape the routines of everyday life.

A good phrasing here is ‘escape the monotony of life’.


The fare is considerably expensive.

The fare is quite expensive.

‘Considerably’ is used more when comparing.

The temperature is considerably colder at night (than in the day).

Travelling is considerably more expensive on public holidays.


People can now easily transport to other countries.

People can now easily travel to other countries.

We could use ‘transport’ in the passive: ‘easily be transported to’ but this is rather unnatural phrasing when talking about people. It is usually for goods and products.


Foreign tourism creates jobs for native people.

Foreign tourism creates jobs for local people.

‘Native’ means ‘indigenous’ or ‘aboriginal’.


Travelling in one’s own countries means one sees all the same things and buildings.

Travelling domestically only offers the same culture and architecture.

There was really nothing wrong with the first sentence, but the phrasing is inexact, wordy, and awkward.


Due to the prosperity of the tourism, more jobs are created.

With the growth of tourism, more jobs are created.

With the prosperity of the region, more jobs are created.

‘Prosperity/prosperous’ is for areas, regions, people, and businesses.

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So, what will the next series of posts be about? Hmmmmm. I’m still thinking about it. Today, I’ll flying off to Okinawa for a quick holiday, but I’ll be back in 10 days.

Remember, the new IELTS Course start in early January. See you there.

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