Term 4 IELTS Courses End // …. but it all Begins Again on Monday June 5th !!!

Well, it’s all over. The Weekday IELTS Writing & Listening Course, and IELTS Reading & Speaking Course [see pictures] have now finished. Wow! What a nice set of people. And that’s what I like about teaching: meeting people, and more importantly, helping the people I meet. It’s basically why I became a teacher.

I certainly helped these groups of people – and the fun thing is, this coming Monday (IELTS Writing & Listening) and Tuesday (IELTS Reading & Speaking), it all begins again.

Maybe I’ll see you in my class, but be quick. You only have a few days before these courses begin.

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Term 4, 2017, R%26;S Good Photo I.JPG

term 4 ielts courses end but it all begins again on monday june 5th 1