The Saturday IELTS Class finishes // Next Saturday, it starts again (May 26th)

Well, let’s have a little break in this ‘CLT & Taiwan’ series of posts (currently looking at fraud teachers, which is quite sad, but necessary to do). Let’s instead give something happier and more uplifting. My Saturday IELTS class just finished, and here’s the class photo from the last day.

Saturday Class, May, 2018, Good Photo I.JPG

It was great teaching them all, and let’s hope for good things in the future for everyone, right.

Wow, this is a far happier theme, right? [But, I’ll need to finish that other ‘CLT & Taiwan’ theme, since you as consumers need to know the truth].

That’s the great thing about being a teacher: you can help people in their lives, and feel so good about yourself in doing so. Trust me, it’s a great feeling, and it’s one of the reasons I try so hard.

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