Another IELTS Course Ends // More to Begin on …. well, you’ll have to wait to 30th October

Well, another weekend IELTS Preparation Class has finished. Weekend classes are always special, beause with 12 lessons (once a week), we all get to know each other for 3 months. So, the relationships which develop can be special, and it’s particularly sad to say goodbye. This class bought pizza and softdrink during the last lunch-time break.

Good luck everyone. It was great teaching you, and let’s hope for great success in the future.

But everyone, after this term (Term 7) finishes, my wife, son, and myself are all taking a well-deserved holiday. We’ll be gone for 5 weeks, so the Term 8 classes won’t start until 30th October. By the way, they are already starting to fill (particularly the Sunday class: starting 5th November), so get in quick.

Click Timetable for AIS Terms 7-8 IELTS Preparation Courses (2017) to see the timetable.

Saturday Class, Terms 5-7, 2017 Good Photo I.JPG

See you in my class.

another ielts course ends more to begin on well youll have to wait to 30th october