Collocation: the other key to IELTS 7 (3 of 8)


Collocation 3 of 8

Time to Practice

Can you ‘fix’ the following sentences by changing (or removing) the underlined word? There may be different ways to answer this. The answers will be in the next ‘collocation’ post.

  1. Raising a child causes much money.
  2. Parents have the duty to look after their children.
  3. This can make the public under the theat.
  4. Building nuclear power is too dangerous.
  5. Nuclear power serves energy.
  6. All workers must shoulder their duties.
  7. Parents must shape models for their children.

Answers to Collocation 2 of 8

Here are the answers to the previous collocation exercise. The first sentence has the wrong collocation; the second sentence has the correct one.

  1. The climate has become unreasonable.

The climate has become unpredictable.

[Only people can be unreasonable.]

  1. Most people reach for a better life.

Most people strive for a better life.

  1. In a physical shop, customers can check the quality reaches their expectations.

In a physical shop, customers can check the quality meets their expectations.

  1. Lack of interaction can cause emotional disease.

Lack of interaction can cause emotional problems.

[‘Mental’ can also collocate with ‘disease’.]

  1. This helps them attend their destination more quickly.

This helps them reach their destination more quickly.

  1. Their salary cannot support a high quality of life.

Their salary cannot pay for a high quality of life.

  1. The medicine can help stop the swelling.

The medicine can help reduce the swelling.

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collocation the other key to ielts 7 3 of 8